Wednesday, March 30

Use your loaf!

Well would you look at that?! I can cook! These are my two loaves of cheese and onion bread. It's one of the nicest breads I've ever eaten. True, I cheated, it's out of a packet. But I did all the mixing and the kneading. And I put it in the oven. Some would say that's the most important part! I know it sounds easy but last time I made bread like this I managed to get it wrong. I obviously didnt knead it properly and so it didn't really rise. It just spread across the tray and made a really flat loaf. (Hence the foil i put in to seperate them.) However this time time it went really well and I will definitely be making it again.
And don't worry. I realise this is yet another post about food. I make no apologies. I'm just incredibly proud. I'm also impressed that I am avoiding all puns to do with "my baps" or having a nice "pair of buns".

Sunday, March 27

Walking in a winter wonderland

Boxing day, me and Lewis visited a snowy Bradgate Park with some film cameras. Mine was an old Conway Popular Model I had found in the attic over the summer. Neither of my parents know whose it is, but Mum thinks it might have been her Dad's camera. Lewis had something a bit fancier but that's what you expect from an actual photographer. Finally I have the brilliant results to show you, thanks to Lewis' (cosiderably delayed) developing skills. These are the photos from my camera, plus two from Lewis' (the ones of me).
I don't claim to be a photographer, but I do enjoy it and after seeing these I am very much in love with my Conway and shall be using it again when I get home. And after that I will be stocking up on film!

Wednesday, March 16

A poem for Wesley

I read about a competition,
It made me think of you.
A chance to have work published
In an issue of GQ.

If I won and didn't tell you,
I'm guessing that you'd see
An article you really like
Then spot that it's by me!

Saturday, March 12

Shreddie, steady, go.

What is the ultimate problem with variety pack cereals? Obviously the size. It's not just children who enjoy the option of choice in the morning! But with a stroke of genius I combatted the issue this evening. The box of honey shreddies and the box of normal shreddies united to make one massive portion of cereal. At first I was excited with the prospect. Although when I was confronted with the bowlful I was a little daunted. Why did I think this was a good idea? Turns out, I thought it was a good idea because it was! However gigantic it looked, it was just the right size and killed my hunger for the evening. An impressive feat for a meal never mind a snack!
I realise that, so far, 2 thirds of this blog has been dedicated to food. It's showing me just what sort of things gets my mind rolling.  Anything edible.

Wednesday, March 9

Chica chica boom chic

I have improved my shopping skills! With determination to be healthy I arrived at Asda with a list surprisingly inclusive of fruit and veg. And I managed to stick to it. Normally I'm deterred by the harassment of picking the most yellow bananas, the least dented pepper, the longest dated salad and the most appetizing grapes. But today I battled on and even ended up with a mango! I am thoroughly tempted to make some form of hat and dance like Carmen Miranda.
And of course this fruit and veg spree shall assist my decisions for lent. Not only will the crisps and ice cream go, but so will the chocolate. It's difficult to admit such things, but yes, I shall be avoiding chocolate for the whole of lent.
Although the Nutella is already giving me funny looks when I open the cupboard.

Wednesday, March 2

Billy Idol and the ambush

I should be careful when I'm walking home in the dark. I'm not scared of the dark itself, wound up about drive by shootings or worried I get abducted by aliens. More so, I'm worried when I look up and see a stranger, silhouetted by a street light, coming towards me. And what's the first thing I think when I see a man coming towards me, whose facial features I cannot distinguish, just the glowing halo of hair? What do I think?
"With that hair, he looks like Billy Idol."
I mean, seriously?
When I get back onto campus I take a slightly longer route that curves around the lake and keeps me off of the mud. The path runs next to the big pond and is over shadowed by trees. Again, this in itself doesn't scare me. But one noise tells me my mistake. One noise shows me where I've gone wrong. Not only have I mistaken a student in the streetlight as an 80's icon, but I have taken a route home, in the dark, that lines me up perfectly for a goose attack.
One honk says it all.