Monday, May 2

No Diggity

A few weeks a go I was disheartened to realise it was exactly 5 months until my birthday. Only 5 months left of being a teenager, and then adulthood awaits. I know that generally I am mature and sensible, but being a teenager means I have an excuse for the sessions of imaturity and silliness. Turning 20 would take this away.
But then I spent an evening in the pub with some friends. We played pool. We found some army men and hid them all around the room. I got a digger out of the vending machine and we were delighted to find you could drag it back and then it would propel itself across the pool table. I went home happy. Thinking about it now, if this sort of childish behaviour makes me smile, then so be it. If I find amusement in thinking the phrase "no diggity" when I look at a photo my new digger, what's the problem? Silliness can make you happy and I'm not going to let a birthday take that away from me.