Friday, July 22

Unexpected inspiration

There's a girl I follow on Tumblr who, every now and then, will post poems that she's written. I admire her for that. I rarely get round to writing poetry nevermind finishing it to a standard where I'm willing to post it somewhere like Tumblr. The thing is, I only read snippets of her work before becoming annoyed by it. It's always too abstract. After just one year studying creative writing at university I've had it drilled into me that you need to have concrete images and to pin point things well. Otherwise you're living in the abstract and it all seems too vague. I'm not sure how old she is, a couple of years younger than me I think. She's probably writing just as well as I was at her age so I can't help feeling bad for criticising her.
I have realised though, her poems are very good at making me want to write some poetry myself. This is a tricky thing to do. I can sit and read poems by amazing writers or hear the most beautiful song lyrics, and although I feel poetic afterwards I will rarely write anything. Why? I dare say its because I don't feel like I could better the things I have just read or heard. But reading a poem or a piece of prose which you don't find that great, or which you think needs some fine tuning, can be really inspirational. It makes you want to shout "No! It should be more like this!" and create your own piece.
And I dare say some of you are inspired by this piece of writing in the very same way.

Thursday, July 14

On the train again...

This is my first post in a couple of months. And if you're reading this then you're my first reader in a couple of months. And if you're good enough to leave a comment then you're the first to do that on this blog ever.
Over the past month I've done a fair bit of travelling. Between the 20th and the 29th of June I was in Romania. Got there by plane and travelled to a few different places there by train. We also hopped in and out of taxis. And over the past week I've gone from home to Southend to Portsmouth and back home. With some brief time in the car whilst at each. And I've decided on my favourite mode of transport. The train! Argue if you wish but I really do think it's the best way to travel.
Reason 1 - There is no terrifying take off like with a plane.
Reason 2 - From what I gather of everyone moaning about insurance and paying for petrol, it's a relatively cheap way to travel. And if you're going by train rather than car you don't get asked to give people lifts, bonus!
Reason 3 - You can chill out on the train. I for one can sit and read or write on a train but I couldnt in a car or on the bus because it'd make me feel sick. And I wouldn't do that on a plane because I'd be too busy worrying about stuff I don't need to worry about. Like dying.
Reason 4 - In fairness, they're pretty good. People moan about them being late or cramped (on the tube particularly) but really they're a good transport system. They're generally pretty reliable and clean with nice staff. I don't see why people go on about how awful the train system is in this country.
Reason 5 - (and this is the best argument) Trains are more amusing. Whether it's loud but hilarious men talking on your way to Portsmouth or funny looking man opposite you on the tube there's generally something to amuse you on a train journey. And to help prove my point I give you a picture I took on my way home from Luton. What I want to know is, where's cup B got to?