Thursday, May 31


Malta in May is wonderful. I went with my family for my cousin's wedding and my goodness she chose a perfect location!
My Dad commented that it felt quite Italian but everyone spoke English. He has a point. There are lots of English people there and we didn't encounter any translation problems. Well, apart from the ice cream man finding hilarity in me asking for fudge ice cream when I meant to say toffee. Pronouncing it like a northerner didn't help.
The weather was great. It was hot and sunny but as it's a small island you're generally by the sea or on a hill so there'll be a cool breeze to stop you from melting. Of course, that's in May. The taxi driver who took us to the airport was English and had been there 7 years. He said he still wasn't used to the sticky 40degree heat of July and August.
There's a lot of construction going on across Malta. Most notably to us, it was going on in the flats above ours. Me and my sister often commented that it didn't feel finished, there was a sense that it was incomplete and that we should come back in 5 years. But really, a lot was complete. And what was, was nice. Restaurants, bars, cafes, cinemas and small supermarkets. That's in St Julian's at least, the town we stayed in.
Valetta, the capital, and Mdina, the old capital, feel far more traditional with more striking architecture and gorgeous churches, one of which my cousin got married in.
Really, a week wasn't long enough and I could have stayed longer. Then I might have come back with a solid tan rather than a patchy one where I burnt some parts some days and slighty tanned others on others day.