Friday, October 19

Mini Stuffed Peppers

Last week I found these small peppers in Tesco. Today it dawned on me that I should use them to make mini stuffed peppers to use as a side. They went down a treat.

Small peppers
Cous cous

  • I use sachets of ready seasoned cous cous that simply need to be added to 200ml boiling water and left for 5 minutes. So I did that first and then set to work on the peppers.
  • Take the tops off of the peppers and empty all of the seeds out. 
  • Wedge small chunks of cheese into the bottom of each pepper. 
  • Spoon cous cous into the peppers.
  • Add another chunk of cheese to the top of each pepper.
  • Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes.

The filling does ooze out a little and the cheese on top becomes very crispy. If you were to take the seeds from the "lid" and cook them with these on then the cheese wouldn't become so yummy!
If you can only find big peppers then simply half them, remove the seeds, fill with cous cous and top with cheese.

Tuesday, October 16

The Natural History Museum

I wasn't sure what to call this post, I was considering just "Home". I spent yesterday afternoon there and I am so relaxed in that place. I was on a mission to get acquainted with my new camera and its manual settings, but I spent most of my time falling deeper in love with what was already my favourite museum.
Every time I go I discover a different section or notice a different part in an exhibition I thought I knew. Yesterday I discovered the dinosaurs and they were fantastic, especially the motorised and roaring T-Rex. I do have a photo of him but I won't be uploading it as you should just go and see him yourself! I also discovered a replica of Lucy. I already knew about Lucy and her missing link type status, I think her name helped that stick in my mind. But I hadn't realised how incomplete the specimen was. For it still to be such a significant find, I was impressed.
I also came across the furry creature you can find below. He's a mesonychid, and last time me and Joe visited he had sparked a bit of outrage. The sign that accompanies him states that over millions of years creatures like this evolved into whales. Joe was dismissive of this idea but I trust the people who claim this have much greater evidence than the animal behind this glass, it just wouldn't make such a cute display!

Despite all of the interesting exhibits and artefacts the museum has, yesterday was more of a day for me and my camera. And as fiddled with buttons and played with settings I couldn't help being drawn to the incredible architecture inside that building. Of course, it's an astounding building from the outside, but I was inside, in the warm, and still being mesmerised by beautiful details. The colours of the brick work and the decoration on the ceilings are gorgeous. But more so I was captured by the little details that didn't need to be put there, it would be a magnificent building without them. There are rams heads at the bottom of pillars, there are flowers and birds carved into archways and hanging in some of those archways are little monkeys. The place could have been an empty building, no people, no exhibits, and I would still feel at home.

Friday, October 12

Boys from the Dwarf

Since Dave started showing it a few years ago, I have fallen in love with Red Dwarf. I'm ashamed to admit it was an almost naked, shackled Arnold Rimmer who really drew my attention to the show and I have never looked back.
Now they're back on our screens and I'm surprised just how happy I am about it.
To me, series 7 and 8 weren't that great. Although the storyline that saw Rimmer leave in series 7 was good, the dynamic was changed without him. Particularly with the introduction of Kochanski who took a while to grow on me. 
Luckily, in series 8 my beloved hologram returned. But so did the rest of the crew and again I wasn't happy with the change. The whole show was built around Lister being the last human being alive, and when a show strays from its central premise it strays down hill. Only Fools and Horses was a whole different show when they finally did get rich. And Porridge just wouldn't work if Fletcher was let out of prison. 
In the mini series Back to Earth I think they had realised this. The crew were once again dead and it was back to the boys from the Dwarf. But this time the production had changed and it felt like they were once again missing the mark. The charm I saw in Red Dwarf came from the aged special effects and the low tech gadgets. Back to Earth jumped straight in with CGI and huge digital sets. And to boot they dropped the studio audience. It all just felt a little forced and under par. 
And so with all of that I was little apprehensive about series 10. And so far? It's beaten my expectations. The script is strong and the audience is back. More importantly it's back to the more simple sets and the original premise. There's nothing more I could ask for, I just want the rest of the series to keep up the good work and belly laughs. 

Sunday, October 7

An Idiot Too Many

Today I'm having a rant. On Friday night, my boyfriend (who has a very different sense of humour to me) put on An Idiot Abroad. And I have seen it before, but now I want to moan about it.
Why do people find it so hilarious? Fair enough, he's not the brightest bulb in the box but why has Ricky Gervais decided to take advantage of this and broadcast it to the world? In the episode last night he was sent to Alaska, and he was only interested in seeing a whale. Fair enough. And of course Ricky gives him every task he can think of that he knows Karl would hate. And to be honest, would he enjoy doing any of them? I doubt it. The result is a very, very sea sick Karl struggling to appreciate his chance o see some whales.
I don't now how staged it is, I don't know how much of it Karl knows is coming up and I don't know if Ricky gears him up to act so dim, but I do know it is all very irritating.
Even on the Ricky Gervais Show it gets under my skin. Sometimes, you can see where Karl is coming from with his ideas and comments. Ricky and Stephen could acknowledge that there's some foundation to his thoughts. They could say "Oh yeah, you mean like that common theory that people often refer to." But no, they don't do that. Ricky decides to shoot a horrendous laugh from his now animated mouth and say "What! No! Don't be so stupid Karl! Nobody on this whole entire planet knows what you're talking about!" Where is the need for it? And where is the humour in it?
I'm glad I have seen such small amounts of each show, I doubt I could see much more without screaming. But if you do like it and you do think it's funny, please tell me why! I just don't get it.

Monday, October 1

Hello my little milestones.

Earlier this month I was excited to see my blog had finally had 400 views. And last night I hit 450. That means I had 50 views in around two weeks. I know some blogs will get 50 views in a day, or maybe 450 in a week, but 50 views in two weeks feels very impressive to me. Am I wrong?
I started this blog in February 2011. For a while I was only writing one post a month, if that. But now I've tried to pick up my blogging rate and I feel like, as some sort of reward, my increased activity has bought me more readers.
True, most of my readers get here from my plugs on twitter, and most of the visits will be from the same people, but I am still very happy to know people are reading this rambling blog.
The thing is, it makes me want to know who you all are! I want to find out if you're even real. So leave a comment and say hi, maybe give me a link to your own blog? Or if you've arrived her via twitter you could RT the tweet that got you here, or again, just send me a tweet and say hi.
On another positive note, my post from last week about the writing society was right to be so optimistic. It was a good meeting and I'm happy to go back this week. A lot of people went last week and I don't expect that they'll all be back this time. That means it'll be a smaller group who I should get to be really comfortable with. Yay!
Now I shall leave you be. I have a mirror and some photo frames I need to be painting. And, if it stops raining, I have to drag myself to the shops too!