Saturday, December 22

Mistletoe and Wine

That's right isn't it? The rhyming slang for Christmas time? Mistletoe and wine? Oh. Well I'm going to have it has my blog title anyway and we can break that news to Cliff later.
The Christmas preparation is going well. Presents have been bought a majority have been wrapped. Dad's traditional stockpile of Pringles is building up beautifully and tomorrow we are going to brace ourselves to do some food shopping. Yes, that's right. Food shopping the Saturday before Christmas. It will be hell. But we will buy fancy stuffing, exciting cheeses, crackers, good veggies (and bad veggies if Dad gets his way) and I can persuade him to get stuff I want but don't want to pay for or carry home. Stuff like nice bread and fruit juices. Dad always points out that the supermarkets are all open again on Boxing Day and there's no reason for the buying frenzy, but he still joins in and makes sure we're well stocked up. I think it's so we can survive if we get snowed in. He probably fears a repeat of the "great blizzard of '62" that he's always on about.
So yes, Christmas is set to be a good one. Although one of my sisters may not be here for Christmas morning. We're the youngest and we always sit in bed and empty stockings before going downstairs and sitting on the floor to hand out and open presents. The parents and our older sister will sit and drink tea like the adults they are. It will be weird having a grown up Christmas. Of course I'm 21 and she's 24, our childish edge to Christmas was bound to go at some point. I can cope if Mum doesn't bother with stockings this year, but the thought of sitting on the sofa instead of the floor to open presents is strange! I will try to battle through though, I promise.
For a little extra Christmas cheer below are some photos of the Christmas illumination, landscape things in Leicester Town Square. When we were little we would go into town just to see what they were. This year Noddy was on one side and Paddington Bear was on the other.
And with that all I can do is wish you all very happy Christmases and hope that you see the New Year in with style (I shall be tipsy and making a fool of myself no doubt, making you all proud!).

Merry Christmas x

Monday, December 3

Pitter Patter of Tiny Royals

A Royal baby is on the way!
The news of a new arrival has finally arrived. I don't think people are surprised, the young couple having a baby and heir to the throne was always on the cards. I'm happy for them and I wish them all the luck I can, but can we ask the media to keep calm please?
The fan fare and excitement is understandable today, the pregnancy has only just been announced. I'm just dreading the next few months. We'll have insights and reports being thrown at us as if the Duchess of Cambridge is the first Royal to have a baby. Scratch that, the first person ever to have a baby! There'll be reports summarising what will happen if it's a girl despite the fact changes to the system have already been explained - she'll be queen before any younger brothers would be. The fashion magazines that already praise Kate will be celebrating her maternity wear and cooing over clothes the baby could potentially wear. We'll be told about hospital appointments and listen to speculative reports on where the baby might be born and what it might be called. Is this going to be fun for any of us? Can we not ask the cameramen and paparazzi to back off a little and leave the expectant couple be in this new stage of their life together?
Don't get me wrong, I am interested. I will want to know the details but I would rather hear about them when the baby is actually born! It's like with the Royal Wedding. I wanted to see the dress, the people invited to the ceremony and the general spectacle around it all. But I wanted to see it on the big day, I didn't want reports that told me nobody had seen the dress yet, I didn't want to be told who had been invited and who hadn't and I didn't want to be given a summary of how many horses would be marching where at what time. I wanted to find it all out when it happened, without being forewarned by months of "news" stories.
So to the happy couple, congratulations and good luck.
And to the press, calm down.