Sunday, July 20

Bradgate Park

My endeavour to get out with my beloved camera some more has taken me to Bradgate Park. I'm pretty sure everyone in Leicester has been to, or at least knows of, Bradgate. Hills, bracken, deer and some quirky buildings along the way. I haven't been for ages and now I want to make sure I go more regularly. 

This beautiful red ruin is the remains of Lady Jane Grey's house. She was queen for 19 days in 1553, in the middle of the Tudor era. Among troubles of succession and religion, Lady Jane Grey was executed and her reign was cut short. The vivid red brick reminds me of Hampton Court and really highlights it as a Tudor building. It must have been amazing when it was full of life. But now the main resident is a peacock who sounds remarkably like Kevin from Up.

Our adorable guide for the afternoon.

Old John can be seen right across Leicester, or the beer jug as some people will know it. It's an odd little building and, I'll be honest, I still have no idea what its about. It's never open, and I can't imagine there's a lot to see in there anyway. But still, you can't visit Bradgate without taking a picture of it!

Monday, February 17

The Lego Movie

The old romantics we are, me and the boy went to see the Lego Movie for Valentines day (any excuse for a kids film, really). And it turns out that Everything is Awesome.
From the sound track to the voices to the sentimental plot twists, the Lego Movie was perfect. And I don't say such things lightly. I'm still umming and ahhing over Frozen, but there is no mistaking how incredible this film is.
I grew up playing with Lego and though the boy is slightly less enthused, that didn't affect how either of us enjoyed the film. We laughed throughout, spent an embarrassing length of time trying to figure out who voiced Lord Business and then spent the rest of the evening quoting the mass of quotable lines, with "SPACESHIP!" being one of our favourites.
The characterisation in this film is impressive and Emmet, overwhelmed by what is now expected of him, is easy to relate to. After all, how would you cope with becoming "the special"? Wyldstyle is far from a submissive female character, which is good to see in any film. She proves to be a great vehicle to help carry the message of being yourself.
The strong characters, morals and nostalgia are beautifully tied together with action, wit and so many laughs. This film definitely worth a watch. And if not one, then 5. Don't let the fact that it's about Lego, a toy you might not have been that interested in, put you off or make you think it's gimmicky. It's not. It's an excuse for an awesome movie. There is a strong narrative, brilliant script and a cast of well picked voices. The sequel has already been put in the pipelines and I hope it can be just as strong as the first. Until then, I will quite happily watch Emmet and Co. a million times over.